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Let's face it, the hottest watches on the market today are also the most difficult to maintain and repair. Mechanical timepieces are high-precision instruments that need to be serviced regularly in order to avoid unnecessary repairs. The many wheels, springs, gears, and levers that go into the mechanical "movements" powering every timepiece are under constant friction. To reduce the friction of moving parts as much as possible, appropriate oils and lubricants are meticulously used in certain parts of these tiny machines that keep running accurately in spite of motion, variations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Nevertheless, those oils lose their effectiveness over time and need to be changed routinely, just like the cars we drive every day.

The only problem is that qualified watchmakers geared up to meet the demands of these tiny machines are scarce, and they're getting harder to find. When it comes down to fine watchmaking, the right gesture cannot be learned, it is practiced. It takes patience, dexterity, and years of dedication to this craft to master the art of watchmaking. Not to mention that choosing the wrong watchmaker for the job can end up costing you thousands of dollars, depending on the particular watch. This becomes particularly important when dealing with a vintage Rolex. Rolex collectors are a particularly peculiar bunch. You definitely want to choose your watchmaker wisely if you want to preserve the value of a vintage watch.

We have a proven track record of breathing new life into every watch that makes its way through our shop. We service all major watch brands and only use genuine factory replacement parts. Each and every timepiece is treated with the utmost care and precision to ensure the highest possible outcome on every repair. Our master watchmaker has worked on thousands of timepieces over the years; he started tinkering with watches when he was just 14 years old at his father's workshop. Now at 65, Jorge is not only a proper second-generation watchmaker, but also an avid watch collector. We consider customer satisfaction to be one of the most important aspects of our business. Every full-service is guaranteed for a period of 1-year. If you want to have long-term peace of mind, you can also purchase an extended warranty of up to 3-years for your watch.

What We Do
Watch Battery Replacement
We offer professional watch battery replacement services for all brands. Our service includes cleaning of the case and bracelet, a new premium swiss (Renata) watch battery, replacing of all gaskets (if needed), resealing and water-resistant testing, checking of the movement parameters and functions, checking pins (springbars) on the both sides of the watch band and replacement if necessary, or inspecting and adjustment (tightening) of the bracelet if needed.
Watch Bands
We sell genuine watch bands & straps and additional links for most watches including Citizen watch bands, Seiko watch bands, Hamilton watch bands, Seiko watch bands, Invicta watch bands, Tissot watch bands, Swiss Army watch bands, Victorinox Watch bands, Rado watch bands, Luminox watch bands, Skagen watch bands, Pulsar watch bands, Freestyle watch bands, Apple Watch bands, Wenger watch bands, Ebel watch bands, NATO watch straps, Omega watch bands, Rolex watch bands, Breitling watch bands, and many other watch manufacturers.
Pocket Watch Repair
We are one of the few repair shops nationwide that still hold a large inventory of original spare parts & materials for vintage and antique American pocket watches for brands like Waltham, amilton, Elgin, Ball, and Illinois. People who consider wrist watch collecting a hobby are probably the only ones aware that there was a time when American watches gave the Swiss a run for their money. The United States manufactured millions of premium mechanical movements that are still ranking among the most beautiful time-only watch movements ever made during the golden age of American watchmaking.
Parts Fabrication
We understand the frustration when your favorite watch needs a complicated repair and you keep bringing it to different jewelers to no avail. They always end up telling you that either it can't be fixed, or that parts are not available for your watch. We are here to tell you that you don't have to keep looking. In the right hands, any watch - no matter how far gone or how badly beaten up - can be restored to it's like new condition.
Most watch manufacturers recommend having a watch serviced every 3-5 years depending on the use of the watch. When a watch needs servicing, we take each timepiece through a series of 10 steps to make sure that every watch continues to work in optimal conditions.
We treat every timepiece with the utmost care to provide the best possible outcome in all our repairs. We use genuine factory replacement parts, techniques and testing methods. In addition, our services come with a two-year warranty on most watch repairs for your peace of mind.
We can restore your beloved antique or vintage watch to it's original glory. We have an extensive stock of hard to find replacement parts for antique and vintage watches. In certain special cases where replacement parts are no longer available, we may still be able to manufacture replacement parts at our shop.
Our Pricing
Full Service - Mechanical Non-Chronograph Starts
$ 375 + TAX
  • Movement Evaluation & Diagnosis
  • Movement Dissasembly & Cleaning
  • Re-Assembly & Lubrication
  • Case & Band Polishing
  • Timing Analysis & Adjustment
  • Water Resistance Test
  • Shipping & Insurance Included
  • Two-Year Warranty
Full Service - Mechanical Chronograph Starts
$ 695 + TAX
  • Movement Evaluation & Diagnosis
  • Movement Dissasembly & Cleaning
  • Re-Assembly & Lubrication
  • Case & Band Polishing
  • Timing Analysis & Adjustment
  • Water Resistance Test
  • Shipping & Insurance Included
  • Two-Year Warranty
What Customers
What We Offer
  • Complimentary 7-Point Watch Check-Up with Any Service.
  • Only Genuine Factory Replacement Parts are Used to Repair Your Watch.
  • Every Full-Service Is Guaranteed For 1 Year.
  • Extended Warranty of up to 3 Years Available.
  • 51 Years of Experience in the Watchmaking Industry.
  • Swatch Group Level 5 Parts Account in Good Standing.
  • Breitling & Omega Trained Watchmakers.
  • Secure Shipping with Door-to-Door Tracking & Insurance.
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